Eating well is not just about eating the right food, but also about changing behaviours, which can take time, practice, and resources.

Our programmes are ten weeks duration. This works well as we can gently, but assuredly move you forward in health, assessing and reviewing progress and avoiding the dreaded overwhelm.

We offer either weekly or fortnightly support because we have found this provides optimal results, sustained progress and long-lasting change.

How We Can Help?

Drawing on our own health journeys, our extensive training in Nutritional Therapy, Health Coaching, Functional Medicine, Heart Math and Emotional Freedom Technique as well as our professional backgrounds in Dentistry, we offer a unique perspective.

We support clients to identify the root causes of their signs and symptoms, offering illuminating insights to their food and lifestyle choices.

But here’s the really great news – it isn’t about pretending you have suddenly developed a deep love of broccoli smoothies and forcing yourself to scoff a bunch of food you can barely pronounce! 

Whilst Pam and Keeley are passionate about their life changing work – so much so they left their careers in Nursing and Dentistry – they live in the real world, and so they offer practical, accessible support and, where appropriate, gentle loving humour to their clients to enable them to achieve optimum health.

Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Programmes

Personalised nutrition.
Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Programmes.
Working one to one.

EOH Membership

Welcoming and supportive community
Fresh and seasonal monthly recipe plans
Monthly themed deep dives, podcasts and live Q & A

HeartMath and Emotional Freedom Technique

Access deeper healing
Clear trauma and limiting beliefs
Build emotional resilience and gain greater clarity

Corporate Programmes

Improve team health
Optimise and invest in staff health and well-being
Bespoke seminars and interactive workshops

We also offer webinars and seminars available on request; simply drop us a line below.