What Our Clients Are Saying

“Keeley’s nutritional and medical knowledge is very impressive. Her analysis and bespoke advice is given in a kind, non-judgmental way. She has transformed my previous thinking about what constitutes healthy eating. I have a better diet than ever and have loads more energy”

“I have just made a list of all the changes you have encouraged me to make with my nutrition and so many other areas of my life. I can’t THANK YOU enough Keeley, your enthusiasm and motivation alongside your support has been amazing for me, I’ve actually learned to love myself and that I am good enough. I’m crying writing this but wanted to let you know the massive impact you have had on my life. I look forward to the next twelve weeks”

“Many thanks again. I am pleased to say that I eat like a king and the results for me have been massively improved blood sugar levels without medication of any kind, a bit more weight loss, less aches and pains, more energy and focus, with mental positivity and strength and just a general feeling of wellbeing and control over my life as a whole”

“Keeley has literally changed my life! I wish I had seen her decades ago! Having raced all over the world in triathlon before having the kids, I didn’t like how my body had changed since having baby number 2. I was desperate to lose weight but wanted to do it properly by nourishing my body. Working with Keeley has totally exceeded my expectations….she’s done far more for me than weight loss….she has healed my body inside and out! I cannot believe that I’ve broken habits and food addictions of a lifetime. She’s given me back power over the food choices I make and made me feel like a new woman. I’m energised, on the ball, refreshed, uplifted – all of that with 2 kids! I don’t struggle with the mood swings I used to, have the cravings I once had, or feel that energy slump at 3pm. Just like you’d book in for a regular car M.O.T I think everyone should book in with Keeley to have a look at the food choices they’re making and make positive steps to feel better!”