Empowering you to achieve truly excellent health.

Nutrition | Functional Medicine | CIRS Support | EFT

Our aim is to empower you, so you can take control of your health, resolve symptoms, and live your best life.

You too, can transform your health, resolve digestive issues, lose weight, regain energy, reduce pain, rebalance hormones, and improve cognitive function.

Understanding the ‘Why’ behind your symptoms 

We dive deep into your health history and uncover ‘why’ your current symptoms are present. 

When we understand ‘why’ we can provide the body with what is needed for optimal health and remove those factors which are preventing recovery.

Nutrition | Functional Medicine | CIRS Support | EFT

Optimise Your Health
With Functional Medicine

The body is viewed holistically with all systems impacting each other, rather than as individual body parts, which are referred to different specialities when problems arise.

  • We support you, addressing your specific needs, and focusing on your unique requirements.
  • We address the root of your issue, rather than putting a sticky plaster over your symptoms.

  • We work together in a partnership, and you have an active role in your health.

Personalised Care For Your Desired Health Outcome




* Our advice is evidence-based, underpinned with scientific research.

Our mission – to guide and support you to achieve truly excellent health

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Gut Health & Detox

Immune Health & CIRS

Brain Health & Emotional Support

Fatigue & Energy

Hormones & Weight Management

Dental & Oral Health

Emporium of Health Founder – Keeley Nicholas 

I am Keeley Nicholas; mother, sister, daughter, friend, registered Nutritional Therapist, certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dentist and Shoemaker Proficiency Partner. 

I am passionate about healthy living, nourishing the body and mind, and empowering individuals to live life well.

My vision is for everyone to live a long and healthy life, to be strong in mind and body, and a live a fulfilled life with vibrancy and joy, and without chronic illness, or disease.

We are passionate about YOUR health

How are you feeling?

Are you tired all the time, but struggle to get to sleep, and stay asleep? 

Are you relying on caffeine and sugar to power yourself through the day, and finding it difficult to sustain your focus, mood, and productivity?

Do you have brain fog, difficulty concentrating and struggle to retain information? 

Are you bloated, constipated, in pain, and always need a toilet close by?

Are you gaining weight, have aching muscles and joint pain?

We can help!


Waking up refreshed, with amazing energy which is sustained throughout the day.

Having excellent brain health with a sharp memory, focus, and clarity for optimal performance.

Having excellent gut health and freedom from embarrassing symptoms and discomfort.

Being free from joint and muscle pain and enjoying a body shape you have dreamed of.

Empowered, and knowledgeable about food choices which work for you. 

We can help!