Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Re-imprinting is based on the understanding that when we experience a trauma, part of our consciousness splits away into the holographic matrix – the energy field which underlies all existence, and these dissociated parts become Energy Conscious Holograms – ECHOs

For trauma to occur we need a situation in which we feel powerless, or there is a threat to survival. If we perceive that we can’t fight or take flight, we feel isolated, or there is no way out, we simply freeze. Freeze is a branch of the stress response, along with fight and flight, but during ‘freeze’ the emotion from the trauma is energetically ‘held’.

Trauma is relative to the agent, or the perceived inability to deal with a specific situation. For an adult it may take a major event like a bereavement, car crash, physical or sexual abuse to feel traumatised. For a young child, being told by a parent, or superior adult, that they are bad stupid ugly lazy, or anyone of one million of the words, or phrases, can potentially create trauma, and we develop beliefs around these events.

Beliefs are like computer programs that exist in our subconscious mind that are playing on a loop, automatically in the background. 95% of our brain is controlled by the subconscious, with only 5% being under conscious control.

The aim of Matrix Reimprinting is to change the beliefs, or habitual patterns which have developed, and release the trauma. The process involves creating powerful, positive, new images to be held in our energetic fields, helping to overcome limiting beliefs and past trauma.