1. EoH Pivotal Weekly sessions over ten weeks (10 appointments)
  2. EoH Premium Fortnightly sessions over ten weeks (5 appointments)

The choice of programme is guided by a variety of factors and will chat this through during a complementary consultation to be sure to find the right fit for you to successfully achieve your goals.

Our EoH personalised Nutrition programmes start from £995

Both our programmes include:

  • Extensive health assessment
  • Current medication assessment

  • Lifestyle review

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations; designed to enhance optimal function and health, focusing on your individual goals. These are modified as we progress through the programme.

  • Bespoke guidance on favourable and non-favourable foods relevant for your goals

  • Health coaching to help overcome challenges, which may have blocked past attempts to make changes.

  • Recommendation for supplement regimes

  • Discounts on selected supplements

  • Body composition monitoring – weight, BMI, body measurements, if indicated.

  • Guidance on shopping, preparation, planning, simple recipe ideas and resources.

  • Accountability

Functional Tests

We offer a full range of functional tests, including blood, saliva, stool and urine tests. Many of these can be carried out at home, but some will require a blood sample to be taken.

Testing can help to uncover deficiencies, imbalances and metabolic issues, and the information can be strategic for the nutritional therapy protocol, and for your recovery.

We recommend functional tests on an individual basis, and work to achieve optimal values for optimal health. As these are bespoke to each person’s needs these are not included in the cost of your programme.


We often recommend supplements as part of a nutritional therapy protocol depending on your specific and individual requirements. We recommend supplements which are high quality, from reputable supplement companies and have good levels of specific nutrients and minimal excipients (junk). These are charged for separately but discount is offered from some of the companies we use.

We offer a 3 session taster programme to explore functional medicine, starting from £630.

To discuss further please book your consultation below.