Did you know that those you spend most time with have the greatest influence on own your habits and lifestyle choices? 

So, with over a third a lifetime spent at work; a positive working environment, where health is a priority, can have a powerful impact on your workforce. 

The health of your team is essential to the performance of your business. A healthy team will be more productive and less likely to be absent with ill-health. 

Organisations with a positive attitude towards health and wellbeing for their employees’ outperform stock markets by 2-3% per year (over 25 year period) and have a higher than average shareholder return . There is more staff retention, reduced staff turnover and costs associated with recruitment, temporary cover, training and redundancy are minimised.

Corporate Programmes

Pam and Keeley create bespoke corporate programmes to support your team, depending on your needs and requirements. This may include seminars, workshops for smaller groups, or 1-2-1 personalised nutrition programmes for those would like to offer individual support to their team members.

Keeley and Pam offer a relaxed, fun and informative approach to their corporate programmes. They address lifestyle factors (nutrition, stress, sleep, movement, relaxation and relationships) and strategies to enhance the working environment, and the health and wellbeing of your team. If your team require a specific health focus e.g., support for menopause, male health, gut health, detoxification or stress management this can also be arranged.

Stress accounts for 29% of all workplace absenteeism and anxiety, depression or other mental health issues accounts for 13%.2 At EoH we consider stress management techniques a priority for your team. HeartMath is a technique which improves heart rate variability, and overall health. With over 11,000 peer reviewed studies HeartMath has been shown to improve the ability to focus (24%), sleep (30%), and decrease anxiety (46%), fatigue (48%) and depression (56%).


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