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Here’s what some of our clients say about working with us

“We had the best adventure working with Pam over the last few weeks, she has been helping my 18 year old son tweak his diet to set him up for a lifetime of healthy eating. Pam has so much knowledge, she is so kind and understanding. I would definitely recommend any of Pam’s help, worth every penny, she has inspired us to look at food with different eyes, so much healthier yet still fun!

Thank you so much Pam”


“I have been struggling with my weight for many years and at the end of 2019 I was feeling physically very unwell and there was no doubt the excessive weight was really impacting upon my health and wellbeing. I was worried and decided it was high time to take ownership of the situation and fortunately for me came to hear about the service Keeley provide. The changes to my life over the past 9 months have been phenomenal with weight loss of over 4 stone, a completely altered body shape and improvements in physical health including much improved COPD symptoms. Thanks to Keeley I have completely changed the way I prepare meals and she provided the knowledge and regular weekly support initially, to guide me through this process. I am a man that likes to question and probe new information, but Keeley really knew her stuff and was able to evidence her advice and inspired confidence in me. I am not great at following instructions, but Keeley was patient and enabled me to find the diet and exercise regime I could realistically follow. Her approach is person centred and workable with little reminders such as “beer is not your friend” thrown in.

Together, we achieved what felt impossible at the outset and I would whole heartedly recommend Keeley’s nutritional therapy to anyone that wants to change their life for the better.”


“When I met Pam I was looking for advice and support on how to get my health back on track. I had gained some weight and consequently was feeling sluggish, unhealthy and at an emotional low. There were areas of my life that were no longer making me happy but the thought of tackling these were just too overwhelming. I was struggling daily to function effectively. So I figured the best place to start was the fuel I put into my body/what I feed myself. I googled nutritionists and there Pam was. She was and always is a happy bubbly lady. She listens, encourages and researches if necessary. She has guided me and advised when needed and she is always just an email or a call away.

Pam’s support has been extremely valuable to me and has enabled me to reach my goals.”


“Keeley has helped change my life for the better, I never realised how bad I felt until I started to feel better. She has taught me a lot about nutrition and understanding what my body needs to feel good and work to its full potential. I had ongoing pain, severe bloating, brain fog, and i was very lethargic on a daily basis for 4-5 years with little to no help from my doctor. Keeley also makes me feel really comfortable in our appointments and I feel she really takes interest in me as an individual and not just a client. I highly recommend Keeley and her programmes, it does not feel like a diet with her support along the way and you learn that’s its a lifestyle choice!”


“I would recommend Pam to anyone!! I started my journey into healthy eating last summer after learning I am intolerant to several foods. I quickly found myself lost, struggling and needing help. Pam negotiated a path through for me, she was there to help steer me and keep me on course. All while helping keep my spirits up during the transition from poor diet to healthy living! I can’t thank her enough…

Her gentle, ever positive approach helped me feel more confident about my choices as I eat myself healthy!

Love Pam!! She’s amazing!!

Keeley was very knowledgeable on nutrition compared to other nutritionists I have seen in the past, she has helped change habits in my general health for the food and helped with toning up and weight loss also during the program. I would highly recommend!

“When I first visited Pam I didn’t know who I was, my poor health was ruling my life and I’d hit a brick wall. Every day was like wading through treacle, I was an emotional wreck not able to do simple everyday tasks. Today, I am able to cope with life and embrace it, I have found my sense of purpose and I know what I need to do when things get tough.

A year later and my world is a happy one, I’m healthier and wiser and I finally understand who I am, what makes me tick and what causes my bad times – and they were extremely bad, life was miserable and frightening!

Pam in a nutshell is understanding and calm, she’s a minefield of knowledge and experience, she’s kind and funny and totally professional and reliable. Best of all Pam, with all her different hats on, is now part of my life.

Without a shadow of a doubt Pam knows her stuff and I highly recommend anyone with health issues to book a consultation with her. In time and with patience she will help you find a happier you.”


“Pam is a magician, I know this because nobody has been able to make changes to my eating and lifestyle before. I know this because she magically nurtured me without me even realising because with Pam, what you see is what you get; a bright, bubbly, friendly and loving individual who is wholeheartedly focussed on helping you, even if you are a pain in the proverbial like I am and resist change just to prove yourself right!

Now don’t get me wrong, I still need a lot of help, but a lot of the tips and tricks that she asks you to try have stuck and that is because there is absolutely no pressure or judgement. Even just changing one thing at a time is still one thing at a time changed for good!

Thank you Pam, such a ray of sunshine and not at all annoying”


Pam Clark


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