You did it – you are here and you are so very welcome to join our tribe!

We are so excited to welcome you to our EoH Community, you are just a few clicks away from setting up your monthly subscription 

(Just to recap what you will be signing up for)

Access to your own, private community free from Facebook distractions and algorithms where you can post, share and journey together with other like-minded souls (and yes; you can adjust the notifications to suit your needs!).

Each month will have it’s own theme, built around the needs of our community as well as a new and delicious menu plan every single month; curated by Keeley and Pam to optimise your energy, weight and gut health. Yum!

We are super keen to avoid the overwhelm and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) so each week we will release one new piece of live content that you can devour in your own time, speed and come back to at anytime across your membership. Across the month that will include:

  • Our monthly kick start Podcast where Keeley and I will set you up beautifully for the month ahead; it will be fun, uplifting and perfect to tune into at your convenience whilst out on that dog walk or heading back from the school run.
  • A monthly live Heart Math Session where Pam will lead us all through the beautifully simple, but restorative techniques that you can access anywhere and at any time to support your stress, sleep and energy
  • A monthly deep-dive Webinar where we’ll have the opportunity to explore some key concepts just that little bit deeper so you are informed and empowered by this new knowledge.
  • A monthly live Q and A session so we can jump right in there and answer your burning issues with opportunity to ask ahead and watch later to suit our busy schedules.

As the months go by you will build a range of resources that you can pop back into with ease at anytime; meaning that if you join in October 2022 but are keen to look at the “Getting started” info – you can just head right over there – simples!

In time we’ll also be offering the opportunity to trade up into small, group sessions offering a deeper focus and higher level of support around specific issues, such as weight-loss, peri-menopause, gut and immune health and so much more.

Throughout this we will be listening with a really keen ear to truly understand your needs so we can adjust, adapt and grow together -this really is a community like no other.

We are launching on Monday, 4th October – our Introductory price is £44.44 for a monthly subscription; which you can cancel at anytime.

Sign up below and we will see you there!