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At the Emporium of Health, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals. We want you to be well and have a long life free from disease, with boundless energy.

We work as a team at EoH to ensure you have the best care possible. You may work with our Registered Nutritional Therapist in 1-2-1 sessions, but in the background, there is a team approach. EoH membership, groups and corporate programmes are supported by the team, and we are looking forward to expanding our team to include specialist practitioners and different health modalities to support all areas of your health and wellbeing.

At the Emporium of Health, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals. We want you to be well and have a long life free from disease with boundless energy.We work as a team at EoH to ensure you have the best care possible.

Highly qualified and Professional

We are registered nutritional therapists and are qualified to the highest standards. We conform to the strict guidelines of BANT and CNHC. This should be reassuring to you, because it ensures you we have received adequate training and are offering the best level of advice and support.

‘Nutritional therapist’ is not a protected title, so anyone can say they are a nutritional therapist, this is tricky because it is not clear whether the nutritional therapist you choose has undertaken an accredited in-depth course (e.g., PGdip or MSc), or has taken a weekend course in nutrition. We can assure you we have completed an accredited course by our registration to these organisations.

Keeley has a professional medical background, previously being a practising dental surgeon. She has a master’s degree in nutritional therapy and is one of 1800 certified functional medicine practitioners globally. The process of certification requires many years of study, and examination.

Keeley is also one of four Shoemaker Proficiency Partner’s in Europe/UK. Dr Shoemaker has undertaken considerable research into biotoxin illness and is considered the Godfather of mould illnesses. Keeley has trained and been examined by Dr. Shoemaker to acquire this prestigious accolade, to enable her to confidently help those with illness related to biotoxins, exposure to mould, post-Lyme illness, fatiguing illnesses, and complex chronic illness without a diagnosis.

We are well-attuned in the professional standards required to work with people, including confidentiality and safety. We are confident working with complex conditions, and happy to communicate with your medical team, should that be necessary.

Evidence based

The advice we provide is backed up with scientific evidence. We regularly research the current literature, and our recommendations will be guided by those studies, and our clinical experience. We continue to update our knowledge and stay up to date with current research.

We work with clients who take numerous medications. We will never ask you to stop any medication, but we can advise you of nutrient depletions that may occur as a result of the medications you are taking. We will also take careful consideration when recommending supplements and utilise a database to check for interactions between the recommended supplement and your medication.

This terminology may be used interchangeably, but generally a nutritional therapist works with clients in a clinical setting on a one-to-one basis. This is how we were trained. The term ‘nutritionist’ is a broader term and can include working in science and development, or with policy and guidance on healthy eating.

A nutritional therapist may consider herself a ‘nutritionist’ when she is working with groups of individuals, and not in a clinical setting on a one-to-one basis. If you are searching for help and guidance on your health, and require nutritional support, obviously we want you to choose The EoH, but choosing a ‘registered’ nutritional

Nutritional therapy often starts with optimising nutrient intake, and making changes to the diet, but there is so much more to the process. We will often recommend changes to how, what, and when you are eating, but if you are seeking our advice something generally is not working for you. There are times when the food you are eating is healthy, but it is not working for you, and
there are occasions when dietary intake looks great, but digestion is impaired, focus is required here.
We try to understand what foods you enjoy and if we feel they are impacting on your symptoms we will try to offer alternatives which are similar. Often, progress is made by the food we add to the diet, which is nutrient dense, and satisfying.
Maybe…. we may suggest introducing some foods which you have not tried before, but the process is all down to you, and what you would like to introduce. Many of our clients have been surprised at how delicious and satisfying some of their ‘new foods’ are. Some thought they did not like certain foods or have been led to believe they should not be eating certain foods. It can be very enlightening.
Possibly…. At the start of the programme, we dig deep and get a real sense of what you want to achieve. If we feel some foods may be impacting negatively on your symptoms and may be preventing you achieving your goals, we will advise you to eliminate them for a specific period.
Yes we can help!

We have worked with many clients who have extensive health conditions. Functional medicine is at the core of our practice, and we take a deep dive into your health history,previous injuries, accidents, emotional impacts, and environmental insults to try and identify triggers and mediators of your current symptoms. We can also offer tests, which may not be available from your doctor. The body works as a single interconnected unit, and several symptoms may be related to one root cause. We address imbalances in body
systems, deficiencies and excesses which might be at the root of the problems. Then we support you holistically, with the intention of resolving symptoms.</span

Nutritional therapy is as successful as you are committed to making the changes required. It can involve changing some deeply ingrained habits, which can feel difficult at first, but this is easier when you have a support team, like EoH with you.

The reason why we are so committed to nutritional therapy, and why we have left successful careers, is because we can see the incredible impact nutritional therapy can have.

We work with programmes rather than individual appointments because health conditions do not generally resolve in one or two appointments. Changing behaviours and habits is part of this process, but this can take time.

The programmes we offer at The EoH ensure changes to diet and lifestyle can be made gradually over the twelve-week period, without feeling overwhelmed and to help establish positive behavioural changes. For those unsure of the process or wanting to dip a toe in the water we offer an introductory programme called ‘Kick Start’. This consists of three sessions over twelve weeks.

For personalised nutrition/functional medicine our clients join us by signing up to a programme. The programmes are twelve weeks in duration and differ in the level of support offered, weekly or fortnightly. Our aim for you is to reach your health goals and the level of
support you receive is important. It will often depend on you as an individual and your specific health concern. We can help you with this decision.

Many of our clients see such great benefits from nutritional therapy/functional medicine that they want to continue. They may want to continue the process, or work on a different aspect of health. We offer several support programmes tailored to your needs with three, five or ten sessions.