Immune Health & CIRS

Many of us are aware of the insults from bacteria, viruses, and fungi on our body. We are also exposed to toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from the environment and our food.

Your body is always looking out for you, and always trying to protect you. The immune system is key to this protection, and it is essential for us to take care of this incredibly complex and highly intelligent system. The immune system consists of physical barriers, specialised cells, chemical signals. It is designed to prevent pathogen invasion. If invasion occurs the non-specific (innate) immune system kicks in first, this is rapid in action, but not specific to a particular pathogen. If the invasion cannot be resolved by the innate immune system, then the adaptive (cellular) immune system is triggered.

This is specific and selective, raising antibodies, and specific T-cells, which will destroy the invader. Once the invading pathogen is resolved, the immune system returns to surveillance, scanning for any foreign invaders, which may be a potential risk. If the immune system does not return to this ‘resting state’, chronic low-grade inflammation occurs, which is thought to be the cause of all chronic disease. Understanding and resolving the underlying drivers of your inflammatory processes can be the key to obtaining truly excellent health.

Chronic Inflammatory Response System (CIRS)

In 80% of cases, CIRS occurs when you are exposed to a building which has been water damaged (e.g. a leak) or mould. Other triggers are tick (Lyme) or spider bites, exposure to algae blooms and or toxic fish. The symptoms of CIRS are multiple but occur because of the immune response and the ongoing inflammatory response. CIRS occurs in 25% of the population due to a genetic inability to remove the toxins from the body.

We use an evidence-based protocol to resolve CIRS and recover truly excellent health. If you have, frequent illness, allergy, skin disorders, longstanding fatigue, chronic ill health, recurrent infections, or an autoimmune disease, your immune system may need support.

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