Brain Health & Emotional Support

Focus, clarity, concentration, and sharpness of mind are desirable for our fast-paced way of life, but brain fog, confusion, disorientation, migraines, and memory issues are symptoms we see commonly. Anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and fatigue can indicate the brain requires support.

Nutrient deficiencies, specific foods, alcohol, lack of sleep, and the environment you are exposed to, can affect your ability to perform optimally.

What does YOUR brain need to function well, and what needs to be eliminated for excellent brain health?

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting are emotional support practices which can be incorporated into your personalised nutrition programme. EFT and Matrix reimprinting can support in overcoming past traumas, limiting beliefs, and can be used ‘in the moment’ to resolve negative emotions, and anxiety.

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