As Nutritional Therapists and Health Coaches we spend many an hour helping my client untangle diet myths, mis-information and negative mindset around the thorny issues of weight loss. Weight loss is a big-bucks business with a strong emotional backdrop; but the truth is there is so much more to it than calories in=calories out.

Here are a few tips to get you started!

Be less Beige: Years of the low-fat, calorie counting diet dialogue has found us reaching for refined “beige” carbs; leaving us hungry, cranky and overweight. Instead, we facilitate Intelligent Weight Loss with my clients – ensuring good hydration, portion control and helping them truly understand their food. The lush Mediterranean Diet, one of the most heavily researched diets in the world is a great starting place. This way of eating encourages us to eat an array of brightly coloured fruit and veg and – importantly for weight loss – to fill up on protein like well-chosen meat, eggs, and fish, nuts and seeds, pulses (beans, lentils) and other vegetarian sources of protein like tofu, plenty of vegetables, and delish natural fats like oily fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados.

This allows us to regulate our blood sugar levels (goodbye mid-afternoon energy dip), feel fuller for longer (cheerio snack-attack) and provides our body with the essential nutrients for repair, re-generation and optimal well-being (hello-vibrant new you).

Stress Sabotage: Sleep and stress management play a significant role in hormonal balance and weight. Optimising sleep and stress-support are critical to my consultation as resolving these issues helps decrease inflammation – if the body is dealing with inflammation or “internal fire” it cannot focus on other body processes that help to maintain homeostasis or balance.

So, is it time to join that Yoga, Meditation Class, App or regular walk with a friend? That box-set-binge-a-thon until midnight might feel like a “treat” but it may be sabotaging your weight-loss plans and having long term implications for your health?

So many of our clients tell us; “This is not a diet – it is simply a way of life for me now”; allowing them to make informed, intelligent choices so they can live their best life.

If you feel ready to become informed and empowered in health book your complimentary session with Keeley and Pam today!

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