As BBQ season get’s into full swing and we can once again enjoy the company of others in our back garden we thought we would offer some top tips for a delicious, healthful BBQ.

All too often we might find ourselves munching on a rather charred sausage or some pretty anaemic looking salad leaves; but it really doesn’t need to be that way. Outdoor dining can offer a chance to try new flavours and by bringing a dish to our friend’s soirée we can have some influence over the foods we are eating; whilst bathing in the warm glow of “being helpful”. No burnt sausages for us!

One of our most favourite summer-time salads involves dicing some red onion and steeping it in the juice of 3-4limes for 10mins. Gently combine some diced watermelon and feta cubes, torn mint and parsley leaves with 4 tbsp olive oil and a cup of olives. Add a grind or two of black pepper and then very gently toss with the onions and lime juice. It is refreshing and delicious in equal measures; play around with the flavours.

Fish is the unsung hero of the BBQ and I hope you enjoy this BARBECUED HARISSA SARDINES

8 sardines (or mackerel fillets)

1 heaped tsp harissa paste

extra virgin olive oil

juice of 2 lemons

natural yoghurt, to serve

Mix the harissa paste in a bowl with a glug of olive oil and the juice of one lemon. Gently massage the mixture into each fish. Place on the barbecue and cook for a minute or two on each side, brushing with more harrissa if desired. Turn the sardines very gently.

You can tell if they are cooked if you can pinch the flesh from the thickest part fairly easily.

Put all the fish on a platter, scatter with fresh herbs, a large squeeze of lemon and bowl of natural yoghurt with a dollop of harissa in the middle.

If the though of squeezing into your summer togs fills you with despair then why not reach out to Pam and book a complimentary consultation.

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